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Our experience has shown that most parents intend to have a family portrait taken whilst their children are still young. Those with slightly older families mean to have it taken before the children leave home.

Like many things that we intend to do, these plans are put on the back burner to be done 'one day'. Then the children have grown, gone to university or even moved abroad to work and the opportunity has passed.

Imagine the pleasure it would give you to have a portrait like the ones featured in this website, the happy memories it will evoke for years to come.

We can always think of good reasons not to do something, including having our family portrait taken. We worry about what to wear, we worry about the children acting up, about the fact that 'I never take a good photograph'. Although many people voice these concerns before the portrait is taken, our clients always tell us afterwards how glad they are that they had it done.

In years to come when family have moved away or a loved one has passed on, the family portrait becomes one of their most prized possessions. A portrait is not expensive, it's priceless.

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They say 'Never work with children or animals'. We say 'Rubbish!'. We are happy photographing everything from the family hamster to the family Rottweiler. Large groups of children? The More the merrier. All photographed in our relaxed, contemporary style.

All of our portraits are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, the finest fade resistant photographic paper available, and are hand finished in house by a professional retouching artist. The paper we use is not to be confused with inkjet paper and our portraits are guaranteed to have the longest life. Finally, we have lots of presentation styles such as acrylics, canvas wraps etc, as well as the framed portraits.

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